You cannot place a new order from your country. United States

Do you guarantee the delivery of my seeds?

Yes, if you have entered the correct address in the order form we guarantee the delivery of your seeds.

How do you ship your orders?

All orders will be shipped by mail for FREE!

Can anybody see or suggest what is in the package you send?

No, all packages will be send in a discrete white 'bubble' envelope. There is nothing on or in the package that tells what it is but the seeds itself. 

Why do I have to create an account when I want to order?

Creating an account has a couple advantages.
- You can easily track the status of your order.
- You can contact us by email: if necessary.
- If you order again you do not have to fill in your info again.
- If you subscribe to our newsletter you will be notified of special discounts and new products.

Is it secure to fill in my personal info on your website?

Yes, 100% secure. We are based in Holland, and we have some of the the best privacy laws in the world! You can be sure your information will not be shared with others and our system is 100% secure.

Is it secure to pay by bank transfer?

Yes, 100% safe.

What will show up on my bank statement?

Will anyone be able to see that I bought cannabis seeds? Your payment will show up on your bank statement as 'SSB Holland BV' so nobody will be able to tell what and where you have bought.

How long will it take before I receive my order?

Mail shipments will take anywhere between 4 to 28 days depending on the local postal services.

What does feminized seeds mean?

Feminized is something else than female. Feminized seeds produce only female plants. The regular seeds will produce 55% to 60% female plants and unfortunately one can not tell the sex of the cannabis plant from of the seed...

As soon as the plants start flowering you will be able to see the difference.

Will the feminized seeds only produce female plants?

Yes, only female plants will sprout from the feminized seeds guaranteed.

What is the best way to store the seeds?

The best way to store your seeds is in a cool, dry and dark place to prevent germination.