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Does cannabis grow in any climate? Does my cold climate suit cannabis cultivation? Which cannabis seeds can I choose from? Many beginners ask themselves these questions when comes the time to select their cannabis seeds. For those who know the resilience of some cannabis strains, the answers to these questions are an evidence.
This is why SeedZone offers a very large selection of cannabis strains; there is a solution for each grower, and for each climate. Hundreds of different strains, regular cannabis seeds, feminized cannabis seeds, automatic cannabis seeds … there are plenty of alternatives for you to choose from. Our website’s climate filters can help you determine which strains are best suited to your specific needs!

Is it possible to grow cannabis in cold climates?

There is a tremendous number of cannabis strains out there. Some of them originate from lineages anchored in places of the world in which meteorological conditions are far from ideal, if not hostile when it comes to successfully growing most crops. These strains are suited to grow outdoors and thrive, despite short summer and fairly cold temperatures.

Indeed, the strains from our “Cold Climates” selection are not only extremely resistant, they are also among the earliest-flowering strains available today! Not only will you find cannabis strains naturally suited to cold climates, but also classic and modern strains bred specifically for outdoor growing. These seeds produce plants that are capable of growing and flowering at latitudes above the 50th parallel and, in some cases, as high as the 60th.

Which cannabis strains can I grow in a cold climate?

There are many cannabis strains specifically designed to thrive even in cold climates. Some genetics are that fierce! You will find an overview of these strains’ seeds  in this category.

And for those who are determined to grow one or several specific strains not especially suited to outdoor cultivation without resorting to force-flowering, there is an answer: autoflowering cannabis seeds! Indeed, automatic strains can blossom into mature plants in as little as 10 weeks – so if you are determined, thorough, and ready to pimp your plants to the utmost, pick an autoflowering strain and you will not be disappointed.